Human side of IT

Improving information flow and coordinating small to middle size teams with simple and working IT solutions for over 20 years

What iTagma can do for you?

Analysis and Consulting

Mapping information flow and modelling processes for good understanding of your company 'blood flow' Technical requirements specifications for IT solutions to select what fits best on the market In-depth analysis and preparation of business teams for coming changes to predict and prevent blocks

IT Projects Support

Supplier, tools and solutions choice consultancy to limit the risk of implementation failure Professional IT projects management to improve communication and cooperation with supplier Adoption rate consultancy and improvement to keep your team involved and contributing

Lean, smart and flexible data processing solutions

Process robotic automation - saving employees time, limiting errors Supporting remote work, and connecting dispersed teams for modern business Connecting basic office IT tools into fully functional, simple and flexible data processing solutions

Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint and Power Apps

Connecting existing data into professional flows or developing new solutions from scratch to provide fast, secure and flexible systems Simplifying IT environment, minimising IT solutions TCO Fully functional CRM, ERP (and similar) with ability to change in hours to follow your ideas.

Our method

IT is just one part of the system

What is unique in our approach - we take care of all aspects of well functioning organization. We see processes, rules, procedures the same equal as IT tools, and equally important as human nature. This is why we bring modern knowledge on cognitive and behavioral patterns, together with wide spectrum of organizational aspects and orchestrate them together with IT tools into effective system. We bring order (Tagma) to your organization.

Our method

What is others perception of iTagma?

Human side of IT

Where we are coming from?

"Tagma" means order.
(after Oxford Dictionary: from Greek, literally 'something arranged', from tassein 'set in order')

iTagma means order to your information, to your processes, and to your organization.

After many years in IT and after numerous projects we have reverted from technology to human side.
Today IT makes up to 33% of what we do. We see other parts - business psychology (mostly behavioral economics) and company organization (processes, procedures) - as equally important.
And we help you orchestrate them all together to create smoothly working environment.

We employ analysts, sociologists, processes designers, and IT experts. We analyse, understand, design, and implement orchestrated solutions calibrated to achieve your desired business criteria.
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